Because, aviously…

Amazons newest release has finally started shipping, and the Echo Button is there for gamers and bored people alike.

The Buttons come in a two pack, for $20, and can light up a multitude of colors, allowing you to have all sorts of party games.

The biggest push from them is the new “Trivial Pursuit Tap”, a series of questions from the six wedge categories, and the players buzz in when they think they know the answer.
The first person to get six correct answers and then get their seventh correct (like heading to the middle in a standard game), wins it all, and it allows 2+ players, so you are only limited by how many buttons you have!

Another game they have is “Beat The Intro”, which is an absolute waste of time. The point of the game is to guess the missing song lyrics…hitting the Button just advances to the next song, and they never give you a chance to answer. Instead, you just hold onto your answer and they tell you the correct lyrics at the end.

One complaint I have about the buttons is that the lights are way too bright and actually hurt the eyes to look at.

But for the sake of gaming, and the potential the buttons present, the buttons are a great stocking stuffer!

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