Because, aviously…

Ingrid Goes West, starring Aubrey Plaza (Ingrid) and Elizabeth Olsen (Taylor) is a dark comedy, rooted in social media.

Social media can drive someone crazy. Post a picture on Instagram, wait for those likes and comments to flood in…or not. Meanwhile, one can see others posting about their “perfect world” or “best friends ever”, and not be included in any of it.

Well, it was enough to make Ingrid snap, after she led herself to believe that her social media friends were her real world friends. Charlotte, who once replied to a comment of Ingrid’s, gets married and doesn’t invite her. So in Wedding Crasher fashion Ingrid barges in, causes a scene, and has to be admitted into a mental hospital. Upon her release, she takes her mother’s inheritance money and heads over to California, to meet her “newest best friend” and mirror her every move.
From stalking her to dognapping, there is no length Ingrid won’t go through to get to know her unknowing Insta friend.

This movie is dark and funny, and following Ingrid’s dive into her made-up friendships can be a fun journey, as this movie gets an 8 out of 10.


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