Because, aviously…

It’s a once a month show, but despite being used to having David Letterman on every night, this feels like a great place for the newly retired late-night host.

Usually I don’t do reviews of individual episodes of a show, but Dave deserves this one. He has the ability to turn these short 50 minute specials into a sit-down autobiography that keeps you entertained throughout.

For his second episode, after the Barack Obama premiere, is George Clooney.

We couldn’t be more handsome.

From his time growing up in the house of television host Nick Clooney and trying out with the Cincinnati Reds, his past is delved into, leading up to his marriage with Amal and the birth of his twins.
And most importantly, how he got into the businesses that made him famous: Acting and tequila (Casamigos).

And just like the first episode, Dave goes on a journey, out of his safe zone of a studio and chairs, into the world that helped shape his guest, and his hometown of Augusta, Kentucky. Here he talks with George’s parents, and the Yazidi that the Clooney’s brought over from Iraq, to live his dreams in America.

Despite not liking Dave when he was on CBS (I was a Conan guy), this show has brought me a new respect for him, but now comes what I see as the weakest episode of Season 1, Malala Yousafzai.
I feel like Dave needs a little comic relief, and I just don’t see it coming in this episode.

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