Because, aviously…

Marseille is back for Season 2, picking up right where he left off, with Mayor Robert Taro (Gerard Depardieu) recovering from his heart attack, and the public finding out about his relationship to Lucas Barre (Benoit Magimel).

The political power of the two of them is so strong, will the council be able to overthrow either of them from their relentless push to be mayor of the French city? Who will be the ultimate mayor of Marseille, and what will they do to achieve their goals? Will that vote throw the entire political system into turmoil?

Meanwhile, the French House of Cards continues to build the tower that is likely to collapse at some point in time, and the other storylines just build on that story.
Julia (Stephane Caillard) is getting involved with the local football team, and the owner’s son, while the story in the slums continues to deepen with Farid and her ex-boyfriend, Eric.

The different storylines feel disjointed, although like all good shows they tie them back together at some point…but at times it feels like they are distractions, just trying to remind you that it’s not all about political drama.

The show can be heavy at times, as is goes through the political storylines, from abortions and stadium deals to immigration and riots in the streets. At the same time, the dialogue can be repetitive, with different characters, in different scenes, using the same idioms within a minute of each other.

Depardieu is great, as is Magimel and Caillard, but it’s the larger role that Geraldine Pailhas (as Rachel Taro) takes in the season that stands out to me. This season gets a 7.5 out of 10.

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