Because, aviously…

Collateral is a Netflix Limited Series, together with the BBC2, using just four episodes to tell the story.

A pizza delivery went wrong, as the delivery man is shot leaving the house…was it a murder? A targeted hate crime? Or was it somehow tied to a Labour Party member?

The show is quick paced and an interesting British drama, with storylines from all angles, including the authorities, the killer, illegals, and politicians.

This binge-worthy murder-mystery will keep you in suspense, and by the end I felt for all those involved, something you can’t say for most shows.

Carey Mulligan (Mudbound, The Great Gatsby) plays the lead investigator, Nathaniel Martello-White as her partner. The show also stars Jeany Spark, John Simm, and Ahd Kamel, who all standout.

This quick binge is worthy of a 9 out of 10.
What’s often a flaw of a binge watch show, too many episodes and the need to fill them with fluff, is quickly erased by only having four episodes packed with story.

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