Because, aviously…

My second in a series of brackets will focus on Netflix, after the infamous Disney vs. Pixar bracket…and if you have any ideas for future ones, send them my way!


House of Cards vs. Fuller House – House of Cards — House of Cards, despite recent issues, was one of the first binge-watch shows, and will easily beat out a reboot
Orange is the New Black vs. The Punisher – The Punisher — By far the hardest matchup of the round. OITNB has become a classic staple of Netflix, but has it run its run out? I put thru The Punisher, as it’s part of MCU, but can also stand as its own great show
Sense8 vs. Atypical – Atypical — An autistic child coming-of-age takes the cake over Sci-Fi
Narcos vs. Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones — Narcos to me was always someone reading a boring Wikipedia page…while Jessica Jones’ Season 1 is my favorite Marvel season on Netflix

Stranger Things vs. Master of None – Master of None — Aziz may have come under fire for his dating actions, but his character is super-relatable
The Crown vs. She’s Gotta Have It – The Crown — Queen Elizabeth is going to wave her way thru to the Sweet 16
The OA vs. On My Block – On My Block — No idea on either of these shows…
A Series of Unfortunate Events vs. Santa Clarita Diet – A Series of Unfortunate Events — Neil Patrick Harris was really good as Count Olaf, who just returned this weekend for Season 2

13 Reasons Why vs. Grace and Frankie – 13 Reasons Why — 13 Reasons Why faced a lot of flack when it first launched, but upon first watching it was one of the best things I’d seen on Netflix
Ozark vs. Dear White People – Ozark — Jason Bateman headed to the Ozarks to launder monies for the Cartel
Mindhunter vs. Everything Sucks! – Everything Sucks! — Mindhunter had potential and turned into a boring dud, while Sucks! was a 90s A/V club special
Altered Carbon vs. Glow – Glow — Women’s wrestling took a whole new light in Glow

Alexa and Katie vs. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — Unbreakable won’t get bracket busted
Nailed It vs. One Day at a Time – Nailed It — Mmm, food.
Luke Cage vs. Queer Eye – Luke Cage — Only the third Marvel show to make the cut into the Round of 32
Castlevania vs. American Vandal – American Vandal — Mockumentary > Animation?


House of Cards vs. The Punisher – The Punisher — HoC having more seasons hurts it, as some of the boring moments make it fall behind The Punisher, which can grab any audience
Atypical vs. Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones — Kilgrave should use his powers to get rid of Michael Rapaport

Master of None vs. The Crown – The Crown — Prince Philip was outstanding and much better than “Arnold”
On My Block vs. A Series of Unfortunate Events – A Series of Unfortunate Events — The Baudelaire orphans advance thru to the Elite Eight

13 Reasons Why vs. Ozark – 13 Reasons Why — Ozark was innovative and entertaining, but the audio tapes will move on
Everything Sucks! vs. Glow – Glow — Alison Brie showed off her moves in the ring with this 80s show knocking out the 90s

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt vs. Nailed It – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — Titus Andromedon…need I say more? Besides “Pinot Noir”
Luke Cage vs. American Vandal – Luke Cage — Netflix’ strong man powers thru this one


The Punisher vs. Jessica Jones – Jessica Jones — The only MCU vs MCU matchup I have this tournament…and Jessica’s heroine side will take out the lovable villain of Frank Castle

The Crown vs. A Series of Unfortunate Events – The Crown — Historical fiction should not be this good…but the monarchy is thoroughly entertaining

13 Reasons Why vs. Glow – 13 Reasons Why — “The little things matter” and will beat out Marc Maron

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt vs. Luke Cage – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — It’s a miracle!


Jessica Jones vs. The Crown – Jessica Jones — Both Final Four matchups are tough, but Jessica’s story in Season 1 is better than when the Kennedy’s visited England

13 Reasons Why vs. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — Suicide vs. the bubbliest show on Netflix…Dark vs. light…Kimmy will advance


Jessica Jones vs. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT — This one was a real buzzer beater, but the mole people will come out of their bunker, and take the Championship over Patsy

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