Because, aviously…

What if I told you that this show was terrible? Well, that would be false. But if I told you you’d enjoy it, you shouldn’t disagree. But look away, and don’t take in the troubles that the Baudelaire’s have to face in Season 2.

The banker (K. Todd Freeman) is still clueless *cough*, the narrator (Lemony Snicket/Patrick Warburton) warns you to stay away, yet you can’t take your eyes off of the screen.
And why would you want to? Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf is outstanding. His multitude of characters and disguises continues to show his range and abilities.

They address the aging of the children as they’ve been sitting on a bench waiting forever to be taken care of…and Sunny (Presley Smith) is the cutest character on television, with teeth that can cut thru everything.

Lemony: Nobody should be here. Because everything about the Baudelaire orphan situation is horrible to contemplate.
Poe: Everything about the Baudelaire orphan situation is delightful to contemplate.

The Quagmire triplets (definitely not twins) play a much larger role this Season, and the guest list is star-powered, featuring Tony Hale (Arrested Development), Nathan Fillion, David Alan Grier (In Living Color), and Robbie Amell (When We First Met).

They do a fun job referencing the show, mentioning “other episodes” and even NPH in How I Met Your Mother, and I can’t wait for the third and final season, and for us to maybe find out what VFD actually stands for…

This show continues its outstanding run and gets a 9 out of 10 for Season 2.

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