Because, aviously…

John Mulaney heads to Radio City Music Hall for his latest standup special “Kid Gorgeous”. I have always have mixed thoughts on John, loving him in Oh, Hello on Broadway, but hating his sitcom on FOX.

Well now he is out there on stage, doing what he’s best at: standup. Talking about he has always been better than the Nazis, Leonard Bernstein, and Stranger Danger…and that’s just the first ten minutes.

That line never gets a laugh. But once you write it, it stays in the act forever.

One of my favorite bits is him talking about colleges asking for donations after you graduate…as if the $100K+ you gave them for your degree wasn’t enough…and that’s just the start of the college scam.

I was in Connecticut recently, doing white people stuff.

Every comedian and their unfunny mother is making jokes about President Trump and politics these days, but his take on it is somewhat different, simply by using a horse in the hospital analogy.

“How come you weren’t mad at the last guy?” “Because I wasn’t paying attention.”

He also touches on his time as a writer on Saturday Night Live and his interactions with Mick Jagger, how technology has sped everything up these days, and how we spend most of our time trying to convince robots we aren’t robots.

I recommend this special to anyone needing a laugh and give it an 8 out of 10.

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