Because, aviously…

The fifth installment of the David Letterman Netflix series, and it’s a good one.
So far he’s had a President, an actor, an activist, and a musician…and now he goes to a comedian/actress/director Tina Fey, the funniest potential guest…the next and last one for this season will be Radio Shock Jock Howard Stern.

Dave starts off talking to the crowd about vaping before bringing in Tina on the subject.

She talks about her kids watching videos on the Nintendo Switch, Lorne Michaels and being the first female lead writer at Saturday Night Live, the Don Fey scholarship at Temple University, as well as her book “Bossypants”.

It sold all of these copies in hardback, also in paperback, and this Spring it’s coming out with no cover. -Dave

Tina breaks down a bit getting personal, talking about receiving the Mark Twain Award and her parents being able to see her get it. They also discuss her husband Jeff Richmond, who plays piano for improv and composed the sounds for 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
This leads to Tina and Dave doing some improv with some help from “Yes, and…”

Dave: I’m not as dumb as I look.
Tina: How can you be?

Dave heads out to the Athenian Room in Chicago, where Tina spent some of her time, to talk with Jazz and Chicago Blues legend Buddy Guy, who made numerous appearances on The Late Show throughout the years.

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