Because, aviously…

This week were the Upfronts, the annual time when Networks present to advertisers and roll out their Fall lineups, and this is my early look at what I’m likely to watch!

The list is fairly small, as the TV world is full of revivals that have 0 interest to me…and I am not sure how I’m going to get my TV fix…but I’m sure Hulu/Amazon/Netflix will fill in well!

Full schedule at the bottom 🙂


9:00 PM — FOX — Family Guy



8:00 PM — FOX — The Gifted

9:00 PM — FOX — Lethal Weapon

9:30 PM — ABC — Splitting Up Together


8:00 PM — CW — Riverdale


8:00 PM — CBS — Big Bang Theory

8:00 PM — FOX — Superstore

8:30 PM — FOX — The Good Place

8:30 PM — CBS — Young Sheldon

9:30 PM — NBC — I Feel Bad —  TRAILER


9:00 PM — FOX — Hell’s Kitchen



CBS — The Amazing Race — Season 31 will rev up with a full cast of Big Brother alumni

NBC — Brooklyn Nine-Nine — Returning for a partial season on NBC after getting canceled by FOX

NBC — Abby’s — A San Diego bar, with strict rules and the anti-party bar. Hanging out at Abby’s is a privilege that I hope to earn

FOX — Gotham — Coming back for a partial, and final, season, mapping out Bruce Wayne’s turn to the Dark Knight

FOX — The Orville

ABC — Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — A 13-episode season that isn’t expected to show up until the summer of 2019


There are obviously going to be a lot more announcements for Fall streaming programming…but here is what’s on my list upcoming in the next few months:

13 Reasons Why — Netflix — Today

Arrested Development — Netflix — May 29

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — Netflix — May 30

Luke Cage — Netflix — June 22

GLOW — Netflix — June 29

Harlots — Hulu — July 11

Jack Ryan — Amazon — August 31


FOX — The Mick

FOX — New Girl — A surprise return this season, for eight-short episodes taking place three years later, wrapped up this show

ABC — Inhumans — This had no chance of getting renewed, despite having a great theme song

ABC — The Middle — Nine seasons long, this fun family show comes to an end next Tuesday

ABC — Designated Survivor — A surprise cancellation, this show doesn’t rate well on-air, but does well in online/next day viewers, leading to rumors that Netflix might pick it up

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