Because, aviously…

After a riveting (and controversial) Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why, Season 2 starts right off with a PSA from the actors, telling people to go to 13reasonswhy.info if anyone needs help. These same PSAs are put at the end of each episode as the “Play Next Episode” pops up.

Now to our story:

It’s five months later and things have not gotten better at Liberty High, if anything it’s worse. But the trial of Hannah’s parents vs. the school district is getting underway, dragging up the stories, and leaving the outside world to wonder who the girl in Tape #9 is.
So while our story continues, with each testimony we learn more about what led up to the fateful event.

People tell lies about you, and people believe them.

Clay (Dylan Minnette) and Skye (Sosie Bacon) are together after he finally befriends her again, Alex (Miles Heizer) has survived his self-inflicted gunshot wound, and Mr. Porter (Derek Luke) is clearly shaken by the events.
The day the trial starts Clay gets a polaroid left in his locker, “Hannah wasn’t the only one”…can he figure out what this means? Will the image of Hannah (Katherine Langford) be able to help him get through it all?
And will Jessica (Alisha Boe) finally be able to shake her demons and face the terror that Bryce (Justin Prentice) instilled in her?
Speaking of Bryce, his father is played by Jake Weber, who is journalist Brett O’Keefe in Homeland.

Just because you have the picture, doesn’t mean you have the whole story.

The first season was one tape and one person per episode…and now it’s one day of the trial per episode, with their interactions with Hannah Baker.

How can you fix something, if you don’t know that it’s broken?

Thoroughly enjoyable, in a very different way than Season 1…feeling more like a CW show. But those flashbacks to the crucial events that define this series, the ones that the lessons are learned from, are still almost impossible to watch…and despite all that it puts you thru, I still think that THAT scene in the final episode was just too much.
Here were my thoughts on it yesterday on Twitter:

So @13ReasonsWhy has taken on a lot of controversial issues…but THAT scene in the final episode was uncalled for, and completely unnecessary to the storyline… Shame on them for feeling the need to stir up the pot for the sake of it.
Had that happened earlier in the season… Maybe, maybe, maybe, I can see it fitting in. But putting it where it is, is just pathetic on the writers, and I feel like it even lets @jayasherguy’s original story down…
It’s almost like a “BTW, this is also an issue you should care about”, as opposed to giving it the story it deserves if the creators feel so strongly about it.

It’s a great story that gets itself an 8 out of 10.

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