Because, aviously…

Out little pasty faced, ketchup headed, sweetie pattity, Kimmy Schmidt, is back full of music and jokes.

Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) is now working at Giztoob with her robot friend C.H.E.R.Y./L., Lillian (Carol Kane) is spreading Artie’s ashes, Titus (Tituss Burgess) is “starring” in his own TV show, called The Capist, as Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski) tries to promote him.

What have you done Kim-Kimmery, Kim-Kimmery, Kim-Kim-Karoo.

We deal with the struggles of long fancy nails, get introduced to the third Hadid sister: Hello Hadid (Dierdre Reimold), and the war that women are taking on men she-troying everything (like Ocean’s Eight and Time’s Person of the Year).

Of course I don’t support his politics, I’m just telling you those were the best steaks I ever ate.

The Reverand, Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (Jon Hamm) is back as DJ Slizzard, discovered when Kimmy is on a weekend binge of House Flix, with their original show: “Party Monster: Scratching The Surface”, a full episode of which is mixed into this season of Unbreakable.

You know how Al Gore invented the internet? Well, he also invented a rhythm for it. It’s a powerful rhythm, it’s called the Al Gore Rhythm.

Kimmy continues to be oblivious to weird things, but it seems like they outdid it a bit on innuendoes this season…

Bobby Moynihan (SNL) guest stars, and his conversation with Kimmy over gender equality is fantastic and is one of the highlights of the season.

Speaking of which, this half season had a beginning and an end, wrapping up with Little Girl, Big City playing, but the season will continue later this year, for the conclusion of the show.

Season 4.1 gets a 7.5 out of 10.

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