Because, aviously…

Glow is back for Season 2, and now that the pilot episode is in the bag, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are coming in for 20 weeks of their new hit show.

But these girls are in for a rough time as Sam (Marc Maron) wants things his way, all the time, all while trying to figure out how to be a father, as Justine (Britt Baron) takes on a larger role.

Honey, I don’t need your help. I need you to be a f**king actress.

Debbie/Liberty Bell (Betty Gilpin) is taking on a producer role, despite not being a male, and quickly discovering that no one cares. She has to juggle that with her divorce and a personal life that’s slowly falling apart.
Meanwhile, our lead character of Ruth/Zoya the Destroya (Alison Brie) is on Sam’s bad side, after stepping over the line one too many times, and she’s struggling with the network heads as well.

I’m an insecure old man, I get defensive. Sue me.

And if the show these ladies are putting on is doomed to fail anyway, then anything goes with the show…from music videos to makeovers and laboratories to brain loss, as the stories go off the rails…and that’s what makes Episode 8, The Good Twin, one of the tops of the season, as its an actual episode that would’ve aired on K-DTV!

The storyline within the wrestling world is just an added fun part to the great storyline going on in the real world with our gorgeous ladies.

What they brought to the table the first time around holds up, and it’ll get an 8 out of 10.

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