Because, aviously…

Elle Evans (Joey King), a cute Selena Gomez looking girl, and Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) were friends from the minute that they were born together in the same hospital at the same minute. But she’s had a crush on his brother Noah (Jacob Elordi) since she first learned what that was…except not hitting on relatives is Rule #9 of their friendship.

But not only can she not date him, it seems like Noah is what’s always standing in the way of her other dates, threatening them off from what he sees as his “little sister”.

But when Lee and Elle propose a Kissing Booth for the school carnival fundraiser, can she convince Noah to be one of the kissers? And will Elle finally get her first kiss? Or will she mess up and lose both Lee and Noah in the process?

Netflix has been on a roll with these romantic-comedies, doing really well with them, as I’ve previously talked about with When We First Met and Set It Up, and this one will get an 8 out of 10.

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