Because, aviously…

Joel McHale had a Netflix run of a fresh show every week for 13 weeks, which started here. And then when it finished they extended it by six episodes, to be binge released at one time…which is risky for a “weekly style” show since its content becomes more dated.

And with them being released this week, Joel makes it work, crossing the line and bringing up all of these issues, referencing the binge, that the next episode is only 31 seconds away, and even pointing out things that will happen in other episodes, in case you don’t watch them in order.

Regular guest appearances by Producer/Director Paul Feig, and a guest per episode including Gillian Jacobs (promoting Love and Ibiza), Joe Manganiello, and Jack Black.

There are also custom songs for each credit scene, by Eli Braden, with one of them sung by his son, and the final episode performed live including other sideshow acts.

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