Because, aviously…

Father of the Year on Netflix is their continued quest to push out movies to the masses, this time starring David Spade, Nat Faxon, Joey Bragg, Matt Shively, and Bridgit Mendler.

Ben (Bragg) is home from college, after graduating valedictorian, and his trailer park father Wayne (Spade), who is on disabilities for colorblindness, is right there waiting for him with a surprise: a new swimming pool!!!…in the back of his neighbor’s pickup truck.

His best friend Larry (Shively) thinks his dad Mardy (Faxon) can clearly beat up Wayne, and the fight is on for father of the year.

Ben is just trying to get his childhood crush’s (Meredith (Mendler)) number and clean up the mess that his dad keeps making, but everything is standing in his way.

Strangely, a movie that feels like it has zero storylines suddenly goes from 0-60, and it skips a whole piece of building out a good “romance”, which is a little weird.

One of the funnier characters is Nathan, the nerdy friend who is trying his hardest to get into a biker gang, despite his abilities on a motorcycle.

The movie is funny at times but never drew me in, getting a 6.5 out of 10.

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