Because, aviously…

The Australian comedian Jim Jefferies, who is always most popular after a school shooting, has a brand new Netflix special entitled This Is Me Now.

He is a super dirty funnyman and had me laughing from start to finish, with a wide range of topics.

From being poor and famous vs rich and famous, and everyone getting in trouble starting with Kevin Spacey and the President (and the infamous grabbing phrase that got him in trouble).

Women are a sensitive bunch. Moody if you will.

This special is filmed in the UK, and he doesn’t hold back from discussing Brexit, and other countries immigration problems, like the sneaky Mexicans.

Some of his funnier moments are when he talks about when the deaf come to his shows and keeping an eye on the sign language to see how his curse words translate.

All you gotta do is outlive your depression.

Lastly, he focuses on a party he did for Mariah Carey and getting hit on by Al Pacino.

He’s funny and can keep a crowds attention for the full hour, and gets an 8 out of 10.

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