Because, aviously…

Heartbreak is unavoidable, and loneliness is brutal. I’ve learned that the key to being happy is to tell your truth and be OK without all the answers. This is my story. This is Simply Complicated.

The opening monologue paints the picture for this YouTube Red documentary into the life of Demi Lovato.

As her recent struggles have played out, now is a good time to view the 2017 film, and look into everything she has been through and struggled with.

Her battles with bipolar disorder and being manic, plus her constant on-again/off-again addictions to drugs, drinking, coke, as well as an eating disorder.

To only complicate matters was her love-at-first-sight with actor Wilmer Valderrama, who is 12+ years her senior, who she dated for 6 years before they went their own ways, but still remain close friends, as we’ve seen in recent weeks.

This documentary is an interesting watch, as you see how she faced thoughts of suicide from an extremely young age, and how at the drop of a dime she can snap (which has led to her punching one of her long-time friends in the face).

There are a few more things to focus on, such as her American Idol performance while hungover, and getting rid of her phone while living in a sober apartment, but ultimately, you should give this a watch and see for yourself.

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