Because, aviously…

Step Up: High Water is back with an absolute fire in its belly.

Season 1 was one of the most creative things I had seen on “television”, and when Season 2 dropped last week, I was right back on YouTube Premium watching my favorite music show, especially now that Nashville is off the air.

The story for Season 2 can be a little jumpy at times, even within the same episode, with time jumps and random parts of the stories just missing, as one second a character is walking around, the next they are found dead or in jail.

But once you look past the story, which can be the show’s strength and weakness, it is something that Holly Sorensen (the shows creator) should be extremely proud of.

The easiest thing to look at is the music, with fresh new beats being dropped by Sage (Ne-Yo) and Rigo (Terrence Green), all under the production fingers of King (Eric Graise).

But then you get to the heart and soul of Step Up: The Dancing. And from there it’s all next level and absolute fire.

Odalie (Jade Chynoweth), Tal (Petrice Jones), Dondre (Marcus Emanuel Mitchell), and Poppy (Kendra Oyesanya) are all back, and add in the flair of Zo (Jeremy Copeland), for some of the best moves that have ever been in a TV show.

Just watching their moves will make your muscles ache, as they put their bodies to the limit, and have all the viewers shaking to Genesis.
They throw every ounce of their being into these songs.

Don’t forget the star power that Naya Rivera brings to the table, as well as guest star Ashley Greene, to help keep this cast very well rounded.

By the time you get to the show’s climax in Episode 10, you’ll be bouncing with Uncle Al.

Don’t sleep on this show, and if you’ve ever liked dance or the Step Up franchise, you need to go watch this on YouTube Premium. The fire and heat that this show brings, will leave you wanting to watch it over and over.

Here’s a little taste of the show:

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