Because, aviously…

With the streaming races heating up, the amount of content being thrown at us each week is reaching insane levels. And for every good/hit show out there, there are about 100 pieces of junk that hit our screens. And sometimes we stop and watch that junk because it entertains us.

But throw all those thoughts out the window and make Dead To Me on Netflix the next show you watch.

Christina Applegate (Jen) and Linda Cardellini (Bloodline)(Judy) are outstanding in this dark comedy, as we learn that Jen’s husband was recently killed in a hit-in-run, and she’s on a mission to find out who the driver was.
Meanwhile, Judy is going thru her own struggles, despite an intricate web of lies that she is seemingly weaving.

This show has a wonderful mix of story and comedy, as you get entrenched in their lives during the quick moving season.
I’ve heard from a few people who felt it was a little sluggish off the top, but once you get into it, it’s worth every second.

Dead To Me is created by comedian Liz Feldman, and has outstanding Executive Producers including Will Ferrell and the hilarious Adam McKay, and also stars James Marsden and the legendary Ed Asner.
By the way, should you want to hear more from Adam McKay, I would highly recommend the second episode of South Beach Sessions with Dan Le Batard, for a nice half hour discussion.

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