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Spinning Out is the first Netflix Original Drama TV Show of the year, and it sets the year up for an emotional roller coaster of Original content from the online streamers.

Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario (Skins)) is a figure skater, who the last time she was on the big stage took a fall, cracking her head open on the ice. Now she is stumbling to get back to her skating ways, facing a fear of jumping, all while battling a troubled family…including her mother Carol (January Jones (Mad Men)) who is bipolar, and her sister Serena (Willow Shields (Hunger Games)) who is facing her own troubles on and off the ice, under her new skating coach Mitch (Will Kemp (Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce)).

The story hits all the highs and lows of bipolar, mental illness, the competitiveness of sports, and all the heartstrings in-between, leaving the viewers wanting more as our characters vie for titles at Sectionals and a chance to compete at Nationals and the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Add to those previously mentioned an awesome cast including Evan Roderick (Arrow), David James Elliott (JAG), Svetlana Efremova, Sarah Wright (Marry Me), Mitchell Edwards, and Amanda Zhou.

In the slow TV month of January, definitely give this one a chance, and I think you will find the ten-episode season fly by.

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