Because, aviously…

Taylor Swift is well known and all over the Billboard lists, but after Reputation didn’t get her the nominations she wanted, she went on a quest to write fresh music and put herself back on top.

Miss Americana is a look into the past, present, and future of her life and career. This includes looks into her first awards, writing music, and playing guitar as a young girl. It’s the biography that people used to write when they would reach a point of their career, meeting the 21st-century need for digital entertainment.

This show explores some of the most famous moments of her career, including the infamous Kanye fiasco where he basically bullied a 17-year-old on a National stage, and how that helped shaped her into doing music her way, and taking no prisoners in her quest for musical domination.
Taylor also goes into her $1 counter-suit in her groping case against a DJ during a photo-op, and how dehumanizing the entire case felt, despite having seven witnesses and a photo, and then it just came down to his word against hers.

This is a almost 90-minute look at her life and how it hits its extreme highs with Grammy wins and a lot of lows, including the loneliness of being on top with no one around to call, looking at herself and feeling too fat and fighting with eating disorders, and facing the internet backlash of telling her she sucks whilst dealing with her mothers fight against cancer.

She even delves into her decision to talk politics, despite the fact that country music has always been about keeping that life separate from your music (referencing back to the Dixie Chicks quick decline after their anti-Bush comments). It reached a point in the Tennessee races though where she felt like she needed to step over that line and make her feelings known, despite any fallout her career may see from it.

One thing that it did give me insight into is the thought process of many Millenials, as they forget the differences between religion and feelings. It’s not possible to change how religion views a lot of things, but it is possible to change how each individual feels.
It is perfectly okay for people to have their own opinions, but when she makes comments about “I am a Christian and I am from Tennessee, and that’s not how I feel” she forgets the middle-America values and how much they put their thought processes into the hands of religion.
You need to make people believe in free-thought and the right for others to live the life they choose, and less about forcing them to change how religion has viewed things for thousands of years.

Miss Americana won’t be high on many peoples watchlists, and while the true Swifties have probably seen it already, most other people can make this a Saturday night watching. Catch it now on Netflix.

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