Because, aviously…

We all love our money. And nothing says money like: Regulation.

Okay, but seriously. The Federal Reserve is a nationwide banking system in place who’s goals include stabilizing market prices and moderating long-term interest rates (thanks Wikipedia).

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is one of twelve regional banks, and their responsibilities include helping to formulate the nationals monetary policy and provide services for cash, check, and e-payment processing.

And on top of all of that, they are also nice enough to have a free-admission money museum.

The Museum has a daily presentation that shows off the functions of The Fed, and also has a question and answer session, to let you find out all the little details that go into our money.

Other activities and exhibits include:

  • The story and history of the US Dollar, which has the evolution of our currency
  • Tricks and tips on how to spot a counterfeit bill
  • Take a picture with a suitcase full of one million dollars in $20s
  • A cube/pallet of one dollar bills, also equalling a million dollars
  • A souvenir bag of shredded money, which if you spend a lot of time trying to put back together, you won’t be able to get free money out of the situation

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