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I have the StubHub app on my Android phone and use it regularly to list tickets and change prices on them.

As your listing is set to expire, the app will send you notifications reminding you to keep an eye on them. I sell the tickets, sometimes via TicketExchange

If I sell the tickets via some other method, such as TicketExchange or to a friend, I delete the listing entirely (as opposed to if I am uncertain and I just “deactivate” it).

When I delete it, it’s completely gone from my account, and I should no longer get any notifications from it.

But back in mid-July, I started to get tens of notifications that my listing was set to expire…even when I had deleted the event weeks earlier. And I wouldn’t just get one or two notifications…I would get 10-20 in one shot, and when I would clear them out, they would show up again shortly after.

I reached out to StubHub at the time via Twitter, and they replied that they were looking into it.

Later that week they released an update, which seemed to fix the issue…until mid-August. And suddenly those tens of notifications were back again, and I reached out again to their social media team.

And then one Sunday night I got a call from StubHub. They called to apologize, saying that they thought the issue was resolved, and they were seeing that certain devices still had the bug.
The next night, I got another phone call, with more apologies, and the promise that they were working on it.

In their defense, the issue seemed to clear up shortly after that second phone call, but more importantly, I was extremely surprised and pleased with the way their Customer Support team handled the situation.

I didn’t ask for a phone call…and while I was annoyed by the notifications, my Tweets were along the lines of “just fix this”…so the fact that they took initiative and reached out gives their support teams a huge thumbs up.

Would you pay for your news? What about insights from the top reporters? Would it change if it was business news or sports?

The Athletic is taking that approach, starting a subscription service, writing about the NHL/NFL/NBA/MLB and NCAA, with the intent to make you “Fall in love with the sports page again”.

Their focuses have been also been on regional markets (although not yet NYC), including the Bay Area, Chicago, and Toronto.

While other sites are going towards videos and less written content, such as MTV and Fox Sports, The Athletic is all about the written word.

Personally, I love the idea. I don’t want to worry about having headphones at all time, and while not having an Unlimited Data plan I don’t want to have to always be waiting for videos to load.

And they haven’t wasted any money while trying to get the top writers and voices in the world to talk about their fortes.

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun talking hockey, Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal on baseball, and Stewart Mandel and Seth Davis covering college sports.

Pricing isn’t overly expensive if they can keep the writing levels up, at $8/month or as low as $48/year.

I would definitely be interested if they come to the New York area, covering the teams I follow and would be even more interested if their app would allow downloaded articles, for quick recall on my phone.

Dear NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio,

This idea of charging some New Yorkers more money on taxes in exchange for the low income getting half-priced fares is just unfair.

We are all stuck in this over-congested city, suffering from the same terrible subway service, and it just isn’t fair that some people should pay less for the “right” to ride those homeless infused germ boxes.

If there’s going to be a new or raised tax to help fund the MTA, then all New Yorkers should benefit from it.

Instead of yearly fare increases, halt them for a few years…or if you insist on a discount, then lower the prices by 25-50 cents. This would result in more people using the subway, bringing in more money for the failing-MTA.

You may have been our Mayor for four years, and you may be about to be re-elected for four more, but don’t mistake that for “General Approval”.

Lowering the cost of a subway ride would win you a lot of thumbs up from both sides of the aisle.


New Yorkers

If you’re like me (you’re not), you send people Amazon gift cards for gifts. Be it birthdays or holidays, or just a regular Wednesday, I send people digital Amazon gift cards to their emails.

Recently I was scrolling through my older Orders on Amazon and noticed that each digital card had a status on them, which if they have been used says “Redeemed”.

But sometimes you find unclaimed ones like I did from 2015 and earlier, and Amazon gives you the option to resend them…to any address.

Now if you are a nice person, or if they are a really good friend, you might resend it to them or remind them that they have money they never claimed.

But if you were just sending it to random co-workers, and they haven’t claimed them 20 months later, you can also send it back to yourself, meaning that (1) the money doesn’t just get added to Amazon’s profits, as unclaimed monies and (2) you get the money back that you spent and they didn’t have the courtesy to use.

And no, I have no regrets taking back gifts that the person didn’t use and forgot about.

Yes, it’s the date, and it’s also a top-notch Song of the Day post, so all around it’s a 10/10!

The last SOTD post was absolute fire, with all four songs being some of the best songs I’ve posted on here if I do say so myself.

But this time I’m going to try to approach that high bar, and by doing so we are going to have two back-to-back artists, something I try very hard to avoid but is simply impossible to do when the songs are this good.

At My Best – Machine Gun Kelly feat. Hailee Steinfeld

I shout, I swear, I get angry, I get scared
I fall, I break, I mess up, I make mistakes
But if you can’t take me at my worst
You don’t deserve me at my best

Doin’ Fine – Lauren Alaina

I’m doin’ fine enough to know that everyone’s a little broken
Fine enough to learn that hearts are best when they’re wide open
I’ve still got fear inside of me
I’m not okay, but I’m gonna be alright
For the first time in a long time I’m doin’ fine

No Promises – Cheat Codes feat. Demi Lovato

I just wanna dive in the water
Oh baby, we can’t see the bottom
I just want to dive in with you
I just want to lie here with you

Last Time For Everything – Brad Paisley

Last call, last chance
Last song, last dance
Sometimes you just don’t know when that’s gonna be
Cause there’s a last time for everything

The world came to know Professor Robert Langdon in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, even though that was the second book in the series, after the amazing Angels & Demons.

Now, after the Professor of symbology, made famous(er) by Tom Hanks, has explored CERN, Da Vinci, the Freemasons, and Dante, they come to face the age-old questions of “Where do we come from?” and “Where are we going?”, and how religions center around those questions.

The scene is Spain, and all the Kings horses and men are focused on Edmond Kirsch, the Elon Musk of Langdon’s world (even though Musk exists as well), as he looks to unveil his newest prediction about the future of the world.
His previous predictions have all come true, and his high-tech inventions are things of the future, including Watson, his “Alexa/Siri” that will top all other virtual assistants.

Brown takes us on another fresh adventure, as another “ready for the movie” book hits all airport shelves, getting an 8 out of 10.


After I finished my testing of YouTube TV, I went ahead and tried out Hulu Live, and while it may give YouTube a run for their money, they both still have a long way to go.

  • Live TV plays smoothly, no issues starting up or finding the Network you’d like. Although it would be nice if there was a “TV Guide” style list of all the shows currently on, as the current look can be a little clunky.
  • On that note, it makes it hard to find upcoming recordings, which often leaves you wondering if you are going to have the shows that night.
  • The recordings are very tight on time. If your show is from 8-8:30, you are going to get a recording of 29 minutes, 59 seconds. That’s not okay. It means that if their servers are off by a few seconds (which they are), or the show runs over by a few seconds, you are going to miss parts.
    • Speaking of which: Sporting events need to have an extra half hour tacked onto the end of them. Sometimes (okay, most times), the games run over, and having just a little bit of pad room would be nice.
  • When loading up DVR recordings, the app will sometimes just load infinitely, with the time on the bar showing a negative number of about 50,000 minutes…
  • Choosing what you are recording is a real hassle, especially when it comes to sports.
    • My example was trying to record all the NYCFC matches. Hulu let me put “teams” on my list, but it wouldn’t record the games. And if I choose “MLS”, it would record all MLS games and not just City.
      So in order to do it properly, I would have to go find the game, and click “Add to episodes”. But I wouldn’t be able to find it unless I went to the channel airing the game, and scrolling through the timeline until the time it was going to air, which isn’t doable until the day before the match.
  • I paid for the version of Hulu with “No ads”, which meant when watching regular Hulu programming, most shows would be ad-free.
    But when watching the recorded shows, the ads are still there…which is completely understandable and expected.
    However, instead of the commercial breaks being part of the “recording”, they show up as added breaks, like regular ads on Hulu which you can’t skip through, forcing you to watch ads on recordings.
  • The Channel list is really good, equaling YouTube toe-to-toe, despite each one missing a handful of channels, in this case AMC.

After experimenting with YouTube TV and Hulu Live, I have decided to go back to no cable-cutting TV streaming…for now.

For more info on the add-ons, pricing, and other features of Hulu Live check out my other post.

NYCFC has been around since 2013 and playing their home games at Yankee Stadium for three full seasons now.

But with the fans clamoring, and the front offices promising, it’s time for a stadium that we can call our own.

This team is built around the 5 boroughs. The logo is an NYC subway token, the team’s unwritten mascot a pigeon. It’s been promised from Day 1 that this team was all about New York City, unlike their cross-river rivals playing in New Jersey.

But the first actual proposal that floated to the surface is in Elmont, NY…located just outside of Queens. This is alienating the fans that are dedicated to this city, and moving out of it will lose at least 50% of the fans.

City Football Group and the Yankees have the money. A lot of the fans, don’t. Don’t make the game more expensive to go to, requiring everyone to take LIRR instead of the Subway.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t go to New York Rangers games: The tickets are too expensive, and it just makes it not fun to go to a game.

Make it harder to go to games, and people will just stop going.

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, who recently popped up on Netflix in Oh, Hello on Broadway, have continued their strange connection with Big Mouth, a show about teenagers hitting puberty and figuring out their feelings.

Being alone is great, It prepares you for real life.

The hormone monster and monstress are taking over their lives, dictating their every move, and this 100% not for kids animated show is a decent way to spend a slow weekend.

Dirty jokes abound, absolutely filthy, but if you can put up with all of that it’s got a lot of hilarious moments.

You’re picturing it, we’re talking about it.

Unfortunately, the storyline is a little slow and dull after a few episodes, and it doesn’t ramp up again until close to the end of the season.

The show stars Kroll, Mulaney, Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Jordon Peele, Jenny Slate, and guest appearances from Kristen Wiig and Zach Woods.

The show is decent and gets a 7.5 out of 10.

It’s hard to believe that 25-year-old Demi Lovato has six albums out over a nine-year span, as she still feels like one of the fresh new voices, but with today’s release of Tell Me You Love Me, Demi opens up about relationships, life, vulnerability, and everything in between.

This album doesn’t have a bad note on it, and with Sorry Not Sorry leading off, a single that has potential to be Song of the Year, you just know that this album is going to be packed with solid music.

She talks about her Daddy Issues and how it affects her relationships, and speaking of those, Ruin The Friendship discusses her crossing that line with a really good friend…I’m kind of looking at you, Nick Jonas…

But on top of all that, I think the title track has some of her strongest lyrics:

I need someone on days like this, I do
On days like this
Oh, tell me you love me

The album has only one song with a featured singer, Lil Wayne, but the deluxe version include two other top Demi songs, in which she featured, from this year: Instruction (by Jax Jones) and No Promises (Cheat Codes).

This album is powerful, and the vocals within are as well, and Demi is definitely my new obsession, getting a 9 out of 10.

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