Because, aviously…

Everyone who has an Instagram and visits Chicago has to do the same thing…head to Millennium Park and take a picture with one of the biggest tourist traps in America these days. It used to be on road trips visiting the largest rubber band ball or the world’s best ceramic cow, but now it’s that stupid Bean…or what’s officially known as the Cloud Gate.

I went, I took my pictures of it, and I moved on through the throngs of crowds flocking to it, but as I explored Millennium Park, I found a few other parts of the park that had no people surrounding them, but were infinitely cooler.

  • Buckingham Fountain — This bronze fountain is fun to watch as it dances around, but it really comes to life at night in the warmer months as they turn it into a ten-minute light show
  • Maggie Daley Park rock climbing — Rock Climbing walls are all the rage these days, but it’s nice to see one outdoors surrounded by nature and just a great view of the Chicago skyline
  • Jay Pritzker Pavillion — This is the newer outdoor bandshell in the park, but it’s got a cool feel to it, that offers great acoustics for musical events
  • Crown Fountain — Kids splish-splash in the water that bounces around this area, but the crowning jewel is the two tall video walls that have videos playing through them, as water pushes out of the images

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