Because, aviously…

Plain and simple, one of the worst aquariums I’ve been to, as it is a tourist trap designed to offer the least, for the most amount of money.

Zoos and aquariums should be fun experiences, giving everyone the opportunity to explore animals in their environments. But instead, the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium is a tourist trap, laying under The Wheel at Icon Park, and forcing people to walk thru a tight path with dim lighting interspersed with strobe lighting. To add to the real tourist experience, the aquarium offers a 15% discount to those that purchase online versus those who walk up to the door.

But let’s talk about what they do have to offer!

The aquarium offers distinct zones, focusing on the different water zones on Earth, from the Indian to Pacific Oceans, and the local Atlantic Ocean and Everglades.

They do have great views of jellyfish, as they light up the water, and you can get right up against the glass with stingrays, seeing their funny looking smiles on their bellies.

At the end of the day, don’t waste your time on this aquarium. I know that Sea World costs a lot more, as does Disney, but if you are going to be visiting Orlando, don’t waste your money on this one…

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