Because, aviously…

The view of a city’s skyline is always one of the lasting memories you have of a city. New York with the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower, Seattle with the Space Needle, and Chicago with the Willis Tower.

One of the things that people like to do is take pictures of those skylines, which is fantastic from afar, but not from within, as you can’t take a picture of the skyline, from the skyline…with that in mind, it brings me to Mount Royal where you have a mountain overlooking the city and can take a picture of those great lines.

But going to the top of these tall buildings and looking down on the city is a rite of tourism, so up to the top of the Willis Tower I headed, where they have a glass box sticking out the side of the building that can make it look like you are standing over nothing 1500 feet in the air (but is likely not worth the half-hour wait for that photo opportunity).

One of the downsides of Chicago is that most of the main parts fall within the Loop, and that area isn’t terribly large, so when you are at the top of the center of it, there’s not much to see up there, without looking straight down…sure you can see really far…but you can do that from the airplane as you fly into the city.

Maybe next time I should head to the top of the Hancock Tower (seen to the right side of the featured picture above), so at least I can get a view of the most famous tall building in Chicago…the Willis Tower.

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