Because, aviously…

A few months ago I won a $350 gift card to a local toy store, and yesterday I went in to take a look around.

Among the things that caught my eye of potential purchases were Lego sets, although they didn’t have what I was looking for.
Lego makes an “Architecture” series that features Landmarks and Architectural Specimens.
A full list of what those include can be found HERE.

The other thing I looked at was their large selection of board games, many of which I may want, but at this point have no use for. This includes games like Ticket To Ride and Monopoly Deal.
For now I don’t have anyone to play any of these games with, so I’ll hold off until I do to make any decisions.

I ended up leaving without buying anything, after finding out my gift card doesn’t expire, and I’ll make my choices at a later date.

But I was wondering, what would you buy with a $350 gift card to a toy store (and no video games allowed!)?

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