Because, aviously…

When you go to a sporting event in the United States, you generally have flags for America adorning the stadium/arenas, and their is usually also a Canadian flag positioned somewhere.

No, we aren’t in Canada, but the leagues work closely with Canada, with teams located there in MLB, NHL, NBA and MLS.
And when a Canadian team rolls into town, out of respect both anthems are sung.

But what happens when we start putting teams in Mexico, as MLB has hinted to, amongst other leagues rumors?

I’m certain that we will start singing the Mexican National Anthem before games that feature teams from both countries…I personally know America’s National Anthem, as well as Canada, UK and Israel. I guess it’ll be time to add in the Mexican Anthem to my repertoire.

Funny enough, I wonder how many people can actually correctly identify the Mexican Flag that’ll soon be added into our ballparks and arenas…

Mexico Flag (B) - Hungary Italy UAE

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