Because, aviously…

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this week the next steps for NYCs MTA Subways, and the future is full of technological advances that were a long time coming.

The problem with how fast technology is advancing, by the time that one thing is implemented, in multi-million-dollar-fashion, it’s time to start working on the new upgrades.
We see this on a smaller level with the cars we buy. You buy the newest model, and the next years suddenly has WiFi enabled, or a backup camera, or self-parking.

Looking at the stations and entryways, they are adding in cleaner/more modern looks, with both the lighting and floors. Neighborhood maps added so that people can find their way around once they get off the trains, more countdown clocks for upcoming trains, both at ground level (before you enter the station) and on the platforms, as well as USB Charging ports dotting the station walls.

MTA Future 1

On the trains themselves, they added new lighting inside and out, wider doors to allow faster entry/exits, and more flip seats, allowing space for tighter packed cars, as well as wheelchair spaces.

But there are two bigger changes.
The first are open gangways between cars. No longer will there be doors and creaky walkways where walking was illegal. The problems I see: While the homeless (and their smell and liquid spills) now will spill over from car to car, instead of being contained.
The other change is the modernization. Most specifically, new digital signage with upcoming stops (current subways have fixed signs, with lights that turn on and off, leaving maps on trains running on the incorrect line than they were built for, completely useless) USB Ports for phone charging, and WiFi. Yup, now the obnoxious people who listen to music out loud without headphones, can access their latest TV shows, all from the comfort of WiFi.

MTA Future 2 MTA Future 3

For all the pictures from the release you can view them here, and for all the info on the announcement, and more new features you can read that HERE.

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