Because, aviously…

This weekend saw Golden Globe Winner, Mozart in the Jungle, release Season 3, exclusively on Amazon.

The orchestra is no longer together after season 2’s lockout, and the maestro (the devil with beautiful eyes) has gone to Venice, trying to bring back a performer who hasn’t sung in four+ years and doesn’t seem like she wants to start now.

Meanwhile, Hailey is on tour of Europe with a musical experience, and after getting fired (or quitting, depending who you ask) she starts looking for a place to play an oboe, if that’s what she still wants to do.

But when the Maestro and Hailey’s paths cross, it leads them on an opera adventure, from Europe to New York, featuring Long Island’s own Amy Fisher.

“Yo Mama, Yo-Yo Ma.” – Andrew Walsh

As for the rest of the orchestra? They are protesting the Gazillion Bubble Show, which has moved into their venue, complete with union rats and smoke bombs.
Meetings with the mayor and investors are all lines up, in the hopes of getting the funding for the yearly budget.

The start of the season felt a step off from previous seasons, but picked up as it went about its usual beautiful crescendo.
On the flip side, the episode entitled Not Yet Titled felt out of place with its documentary stylings, and killed the vibe and flow of the otherwise steady season.

“Welcome to Earth Motherf*****s” – Thomas Pembridge

Gael Garcia Bernal, fresh off his season 2 Golden Globe win, is fantastic once again, and Lola Kirke continues to shine in her lead role of Hailey Rutledge.
Super-actors Bernadette Peters and Malcolm McDowell return in their roles as well.

Season 3 provides an 8 out of 10.

Mozart in the Jungle Season 3 Poster

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