Because, aviously…

Sports Illustrated is bowing to the weak-minded and dumb Americans that this country has become overrun with…or they are just using them as an excuse for budget cuts.

But regardless the real reason, the magazine will be switching to a bi-weekly publication in January, and will only publish 26-issues in 2018.

Their reasoning:

We’ve heard from many subscribers that it’s difficult to keep up with a weekly magazine, that you wouldn’t mind more time to absorb each issue.

Are you kidding me?! For 63 years the magazine came out every week, minus special issues and people read it from cover-to-cover. Now, thanks to budget cuts, suddenly the American people are too stupid to “absorb 50 pages of sports in a week”.

The magazine says that each issue will be using heavier/richer pages, giving it a more “Premium reading experience that you deserve”, and they will be focusing more on their double-issues, which include previews for sports seasons, and issues focusing on “food, fashion, and the future of sports”.

Food and fashion? Seems like a good internet topic where you can post lots of pictures…or turn your magazine into all pictures, so that Americans don’t need to absorb all those big words.

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