Because, aviously…

The Kennedy Space Center, located about an hour east of Disney World, is a great place to explore some of America’s journey into space and see the historic sights where we launched man to walk on the moon for the first time.

The Rocket Garden is a nice place to wander thru, as you are surrounded by rockets from throughout the years, including the one below.

Other things to see at the main location is the Journey to Mars building and NASA Central.
These are all great little looks into history, but in order to fully experience things, you need to hop on the Bus Tour out to the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Along the way you will see the launch viewing grounds, located across the water from where the rockets are launched from. They are far enough away that you would still feel the force from the blasts, but not too close to be any danger…although the newest rocket power may be too strong, leading them to have to move the area back.
Also you pass by the “Vehicle Assembly Building”, which is the largest one-story building in the world, as it is used for assembling the rockets before they head out through the worlds largest doors, that are 456 feet high.

Some of the things to see there:

  • Apollo 8 Firing Room — Sit through the actual countdown, and feel the room shake as Apollo 8 launches. This room has been preserved to still be in its original state
  • Saturn V Rocket — In the warehouse they have a Saturn V rocket, which is what was used to launch all the men to the moon
  • Snoopy — Who doesn’t enjoy seeing Snoopy the Astronaut?!

Overall, the Kennedy Space Center is overly priced as the costs approach $60 per person…and some of the stuff you see here can be viewed in museums across the country. But at the end of the day, this is a must-visit location, at least for the one-time experience, to see the actual places where history was made.

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