Because, aviously…

The magic of Magic Kingdom is supposed to start before you even walk in the door…a place that can only be reached by special transport, either a monorail or ferry. But the Magic of a ferry is dampened by the fact that it ends so far away…as the ferry brought me to the Transportation Center, I was left picking the Cinderalla Castle out of the faraway distance.

But that magic gets reawakened as you walk down Main Street U.S.A., taking in the old-time USA street, on your way to the center of the Magic Kingdom spoke, and that glorious castle that is the highlight of every Disney photo album.

And then once you are through the Castle the fun and games really begin:

  • Mickey’s Philharmagic, with Donald Duck starring in the show, after trying on Mickey’s sorcerer’s hat, and causing general havoc and chaos amongst the orchestra.
  • It’s A Small World is one of those rides that I just HAD to try. Everyone talks about it and it’s one of the most well-known rides in the world. But the reality of it is that once you are 25 seconds into this 15-minute ride, you want the music to just end…something that infinite loop just refuses to do.
    But if you can block out the sounds, the visuals are really something else. The rooms are filled with characters from all over the world, showcasing different cultures and creatures, and mixed in amongst them all are Disney movie characters with their native lands.
    But I will admit I was very thrilled when I saw the following sign:
  • There are a bunch of other staples that jumps to the top of the lists…Tomorrowland Speedway, Space Mountain, and of course the Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor. What’s that, you aren’t familiar with the last of those? Well, get on board, because you can go there over and over and get fresh laughs every single time! With user-submitted jokes, and a laugh meter that always needs filling, and that one poor dude in the crowd that gets picked on to the joy of those with them!
  • Meanwhile, you can go for a climb up the Swiss Family Treehouse as you go check out the water windmill in action and get a glance at the Jungle Lookout where adventure beckons.
  • But my most fun of the day came amongst the wit and cheesy jokes of the Jungle Cruise as you hop into a real boat and take a trip through the rivers with a crazy tour guide to show you the Audio-Animatronic animals, that bring lifelike joy up close and personal.
  • Unfortunately, I was unable to see the Hall of Presidents but the story there was almost as good. As I waited for entry the police showed up, and the talk is they had to arrest someone that made a scene and threw something on the President Trump figure.

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