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Hulu Live Goes Live (in Beta)

Hulu has officially launched their live TV streaming service, and when I make the cord-cutting switch, they are the way I’m gonna go.

The price is $40, which compares to other companies offers of $35 but also includes Hulu’s library, so if you’re already paying $8 a month, it’s only a $32 add-on.

The service comes with a 50-hour DVR, and if you really need more (considering a lot of the shows on there are already in the library, so no need to record them) you can expand to 200 hours for another $15 a month.

Streaming is available on two screens at once, and for $15 a month, you can make it unlimited.
Want both unlimited screens and the 200 hour DVR? They can be combined with a $10 discount, at $20 a month.

One of the reasons I’ve always stayed away from cord-cutting is that I use Cable primarily for sports. Sling, which seemed like the best option until now, had two different plans…one that included Fox Sports and one the included ESPN, so to get both channels you’d have to sign up for both plans (a total of $45, and a lot of overlapping channels in the two).
Hulu has upped that game and includes both Fox Sports and ESPN, as well as some local stations, which in New York includes YES, which airs the Yankees and NYCFC.

Here is a full list of channels available on Hulu (as per the New York market) (in alphabetical order per category):

  • Local Channels: ABC 7, CBS 2, FOX 5, MY 9, NBC 4, YES Network
  • News: CNBC, CNN, CNN International, Fox Business, Fox News, HLN, MSNBC
  • Sports: Big 10 (BTN), CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN News, ESPN U,  FS1, FS2, NBC Golf, NBC Sports, SEC Network, YES Network (local)
  • Entertainment & Lifestyle: A&E, Bravo, Chiller, E!, Food Network, Freeform, FX, FXX, fyi,, HGTV, History Channel, Lifetime, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Oxygen, Pop, Syfy, TBS, Travel, TNT, truTV, USA, Viceland
  • Movies: FXM, Lifetime (LMN), Turner (TCM)
  • Family & Kids: Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney JR, Disney XD, Sprout

Some of the more popular channels that are missing include Comedy Central, Discovery, HBO, NFL Network, MTV, and VH1.

If you subscribe to Hulu Live (or any of the cord-cutting streaming sites) let me know if it works, and if you’d recommend it!

Smarter Ads On Hulu

I wish the advertisements on Hulu were smarter.

They have my watching history, including what shows I’ve watched, which shows are on my watchlist and most importantly: What show I am in the middle of.

If I’ve already watched a show, there is no need to keep promoting it to me…but more importantly, last week I was in the middle of watching the second episode of 24: Legacy and in a commercial break they showed me ads to “Watch the pilot of 24: Legacy now on Hulu”.

You know I’ve already seen it. And let’s argue that you don’t know that it was me that watched it but another user (despite the newly added profiles), but you do know that I am currently watching the second episode…so ads for the first one are wasted on me.

The tech is all there, you have all my info, and I WANT you to use it. Now make the user experience user-friendly.

Hulu Logo

Chance #Review

Hulu Originals has brought Hugh Laurie back to TV, in the role of a Doctor, who shares his name with the show name. Sound familiar?

Dr. Eldon Chance is a neuropsychiatrist who has patients that need help which is just outside of his grasp. Most of these people suffer from mental breakdowns after extreme accidents and sicknesses. One of these clients has a split personality and a bully of a husband. But with the help of some new found friends, can he make things right?

This new found friend is D (Ethan Suplee), an ironworker who likes to keep his cleavers and axes separate (but equally sharpened). His tagline?

There are no victims, only volunteers.

Chance’s past is unknown and spotty, as he goes through a divorce that he needs money for, but also has checkered teenage years to uncover.

This show is a nice change from most of the shows currently on TV, and gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Chance Hulu Poster

Fall 2016 Streaming TV

A few months ago I had my Fall 2016 TV Schedule which featured all the shows I was interested in for the Fall…but it left out a large part of today’s programming: Streaming TV Exclusives/Originals.

Here are some of the shows I’m planning on giving a shot:


9/23 — Amazon — Transparent —- Season 3 — (Season 2 Review)

9/30 — Netflix — Marvel’s Luke Cage — Season 1 — The newest installment in Netflix’s Marvel TV Shows


10/5 — Hulu — The Mindy Project — Season 5

10/14 — Amazon — Goliath — Season 1 — Billy Bob Thornton as a down-and-out lawyer fighting the injustice in the justice system (USA Today)

10/19 — Hulu — Chance — Season 1 — Hugh Laurie is a San Francisco neuropsychiatrist who gets sucked into a dangerous world of violence, police corruption, and mental illness when he treats an abused wife of an Oakland homicide detective (Movie Pilot)

10/28 — Amazon — Good Girls Revolt — Season 1 — Good Girls Revolt follows a group of young female researchers (including Anna Camp) at “News of the Week,” who ask to be treated fairly (Amazon)


11/4 — Netflix — The Crown — Season 1 — A biographical story about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

11/11 — Amazon — Red Oaks — Season 2 — (Season 1 Review)


12/9 — Amazon — Mozart in the Jungle — Season 3 — (Mozart Review)

12/16 — Amazon — The Man in the High Castle — Season 2 — (Season 1 Review)

Fall 2016 Streaming

Deadbeat – Review

Deadbeat smoked out their third season last week, and had Kal Penn joining Tyler Labine, who is the show frontrunner.


The show features Pac (Labine), a medium who helps ghosts move into their lights.
While Seasons 1 and 2 had Lucy DeVito as his sidekick/motivator, Clyde (Penn) takes that spot over as they become best friends in prison during the Season 3 opener.

Pot jokes power this show, and it wasn’t coincidental that this season dropped on 4/20.
Meanwhile the rest of it is raunchy and humorous, and definitely an adult show.

Season 3 is not quite binge worthy, and doesn’t flow well enough to sit down and watch the 13-episodes straight, even though the whole season totals just under 5-hours.

It’s good, not great. A fun laugh and enjoyable show. Overall it gets a 7 out of 10.

deadbeat season 3

The Path – Hulu #Review

The Path premiered on Hulu yesterday, as Aaron Paul’s new 10-episode season got underway in a Hulu Original.

The premise is simple enough: People are brought into Meyerism after they’ve experienced life changing events, and are lead on a journey down the path and up a metaphorical ladder to gain personal fulfillment.

But the journey through The Path is really slow, and a confusing start to what the Eye may lead to.
As strange and slow as it was, the cliffhanger at the end of Episode 1 was almost the same cliffhanger again at the end of Episode 2…leaving you wanting more while feeling frustrated at the same time.

Based on the first two episodes this show is a 6.5 out of 10.

The Path Poster

11.22.63 – Hulu Review

Monday saw the premiere of an 8-part show from Hulu and J.J. Abrams based on the Stephen King book 11/22/63.

James Franco plays Jake Epping, who goes through a mysterious closet in a diner that transports him back in time to the mid-1900s.

Slightly different than the book, the closet drops Jake off in 1960, just a few years before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and he goes about trying to find Lee Harvey Oswald and possibly stop the attack.

But as he tries to alter the past it causes ripples that try to stop his actions as he really shouldn’t be there. Can he change history enough to maybe stop the assassination and prevent the Vietnam War?

This series got off to a great start (albeit a slightly long episode that moves quickly once you get into it) and will hopefully be enjoyable all the way through.

The pilot episode gets a 9 out of 10.

11.22.63 Hulu Original