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Reblog: Advice For Your First Solo Trip

Brittany From Boston is a travel blog on a girl who travels around the world, and writes all about it.

I find her site full of interesting trips and tips, among which was a great one recently on “Advice for your first solo trip”.

I’ve taken a few road trips solo, never flown anywhere alone for one, and I agree with a lot of what she says (such as choosing where to go and planning for safety) while other things I’d be more wary about (such as staying in hostels).

But if you are planning a trip alone definitely read thru this!


I imagine I am Alison Parker, doing a live shot, yet another live shot, one of a dozen that will fill the work week. I imagine how the sun rises behind her in the moments before it happens, how her photographer Adam has to adjust his camera to accommodate the encroaching fingers of light. Maybe…

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I’ve been through bad anxiety before, and this girl nailed the experience (10 Photos)

Today’s post is a Reblog from TheChive that I think most people need to read.


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Social Media: Friend Or Foe?

Lynette Noni

There’s something about social media that simply demands our attention. Whether we use it as a tool for its promotional potential or we’re sucked into it merely for its social benefits, there’s no denying that it can be somewhat… addictive. It’s also extremely effective, especially this day and age.

As an author, I’ve learned that it’s so important to try and build a social media platform. But that can also be one of those ‘easier said than done’ things, especially considering just how many different platform possibilities are out there. Do I use Facebook or Instagram? What about Twitter, Tumblr, Google+? Then there’s LinkedIn and Pinterest… And of course, we can’t forget blogging. There are so many social media outlets that it all becomes a bit overwhelming.

For the record (and after much trial and error), I’ve decided that blogging is my thing. I like it most, probably because I’m not limited…

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Winter Village at Bryant Park

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Originally posted on almostfreeNYC:
“It’s a replica of the North Pole!” exclaimed 6 year old, Nadia Johnson, while waiting in line for her rental ice skates.  One of New York City’s biggest holiday attractions, Winter Village at Bryant Park, is now in full…