Because, aviously…

Citi Bike has now entered into their second year in existence.

I am happy to say that I was among one of the early members of the program, and might have even made it worth the price.

Obviously a lot of people use this on a daily basis, be it biking from the train to work, or even over the Brooklyn Bridge to get to/from work. But with my schedule, and the lack of bikes near my house, I only used it a small number of times throughout the year.

It’s recently been revealed that the private company who runs this program, owes the city nearly $1 million for the parking spots they took up in 2013.

Now, whilst the Mayor of New York has already stated that he will not put any taxpayer money into this program, the city has stated that they aren’t going to be too forceful going after the company to pay, as the company is still growing, and at the right time, NYC will get their money.

Personally, I think New York City should throw a little money into this program, to help expand it to all areas of the five-boroughs.

This can help congestion in a lot of areas, as more people may skip the car and grab a bike instead.

I think in my area of Brooklyn in particular, people are often going out and driving all of 5-10 blocks, and then have to search for parking.

We live in a world where people are just a little too lazy to walk a few blocks, but mostly wouldn’t have an issue biking the same distance, if they knew they wouldn’t have to worry about parking (or purchasing an actual bike that they’d need to maintain).

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