Because, aviously…

It’s been one month since I started this blog, but even bigger, it is one month since I quit Facebook.

It is something I have done before, but never for this long a period.

And quite frankly, I don’t miss it. Not even a bit.

What am I supposed to miss?

Snarky comments from people I don’t know? All the people who haven’t messaged me in a month? Missing Facebook events?

If someone doesn’t bother to mention an event to me, be it in-person/text/email, then clearly there is no reason that I actually have to go to this event.

The only feature I may miss a little, is having a list of peoples Birthdays…but a lot of my friends birthdays I already have committed to memory…the more fun will be if I am still off Facebook when my birthday comes around…that should be fun 🙂

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