Because, aviously…

At that event that I mentioned in last Wednesdays’ post, I ran into a lot of people, some of whom I hadn’t seen in a few months, or even a few years.

While most people act normally when seeing someone they haven’t seen in a while (generally: “Hey, how are you?”), some people don’t seem to know how to react around others.

I am referring to people just flat out ignoring you, as if you don’t exist (even if you have had conversations in the past) or purposely avoiding eye contact, so that they don’t need to say hi.

On the flip side you have people that behave normally under these circumstances, and the most common example is married couples.

I think this is because they understand that life is a bigger picture than just the bubble around them, and that other people exist in their world, besides their closest friends and family.

Another reason possibly could be that they are used to coming in contact with other human beings (namely their spouses) and as such, remember how to behave, using real words and emotions.

One more reason that these people should pop out of their shells/bubbles, is that one day you may need a favor out of someone…and ignoring them in the past won’t weigh in your favor.

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