Because, aviously…

Every morning I try to get in some word/number games so that my brain can do a little work.

For this I go to USA Today’s website and run through all their games, from the end–>beginning.

The games there are fairly simple to grasp, and some are easier on a daily basis than others, but here is a list of the ones they offer:

  • Crossword – Your daily standard crossword puzzle HERE
  • Sudoku – The standard 9X9 numbers game that became a fad a few years ago HERE
  • Mini Sudoku – A good warmup for your Sudoku, as it’s a simple 6X6 board HERE
  • Word Roundup – Word find, with the words being answers to the clues given HERE
  • Quick Cross – Simple 4X4 crossword puzzle HERE
  • Up and Down Words – A snake style word game, where the last word of one answer, is the first word of the next HERE
  • Don’t Quote Me – Rearrange the words to create a quote from a famous person HERE

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