Because, aviously…

With the big news all day Tuesday being Apple and their new iPhones, people tend to miss the biggest part of that event. That is when U2 came out, played a brand new single, and then announced that they are releasing a new album immediately available for free via iTunes.

Not only was it free…if you had an Apple product, it automatically showed up in your cloud (available worldwide on October 13)!

With the first new album in 5 years from U2, it brought back the old-school U2 and sounds of music that many have fallen for over the years.

Named Songs of Innocence, the album features lots of personal Bono songs, with some flashbacks to older U2 songs, such as mentions of 1970s Ireland and attacks there (which made me go back and re-listen to Sunday Bloody Sunday (and this week I discovered that to be on the “No Play List” for iHeart Radio Stations ever since 9/11)).

For anyone that liked U2 in the past, they will definitely like this album…for haters, well, give it a try anyways, and you may just come to like Joey Ramone (you’ll get the reference after looking at a song list).

But the bright side is that this album is Part 1 of a 2 album release, with the second being Songs of Experience, which will definitely have a price tag on it,  and as of now, an unknown release date.

Overall, this is a great album, rated 8 out of 10.


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