Because, aviously…

Twice a year Jews are forbidden from wearing leather shoes, on the fast days of “Ninth of Av” and “Yom Kippur”.

It used to actually be a struggle, trying to find good shoes to wear, something that could get wet if it’s raining, and comfortable to stand in all day, and still not contain any leather.

And every year we’d dig around (wherever you are storing your shoes) and pull out the pair for its biannual usage.

But then about 10+ years ago Crocs popped onto the scene, and suddenly finding proper footwear became a lot easier.

While often mocked at first, I can safely say that over 60% of the people I saw (men, women and children) were wearing them.

And sure, the holes in the sides may make it more annoying to wear in the rain, but I know I came up with some interesting ways of keeping my feet dry, and I’m sure others did as well.

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