Because, aviously…

In an adventure that may only be shown on Netflix (thanks to over-done nudity (or is that an actual historic recreation of how Khan’s lived with their concubine? I wouldn’t be surprised)), Marco Polo takes you on a wonderful adventure through the late-1200s.

There’s no good in anything until it is finished -Kublai Khan quoting Genghis

That quote is something that stuck out to me as I moved through the series, in typical Netflix-binge fashion, at times I wanting it to be over….and at times I was left wanting more. Mostly it was the fighting scenes that left me craving more, in a story that is sometimes stretched just a little.

The story revolves around Marco Polo and the gout-stricken Kublai Khan, grandson to the famous Genghis Khan. The Khan requests Marco to explain parts of the world and the story he sees, all through a fresh light, in an almost poetic way.

But the ups and downs of Marco (and The Khan) are the main focus of this first season, as The Khan tries to overtake Southern China.

With a mostly unknown cast, a few people stuck out to me:

  • Lorenzo Richelmy – Marco Polo – Named to People magazines “People to watch in 2015” and with this show taking off over the next few weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some nominations for him this time next year.
  • Benedict Wong – Kublai Khan – I have seen him previously in the Wrong Mans, and he plays his role as head-Mongol well in this series.
  • Claudia Kim – Khutulun – The niece of Kublai, and a gorgeous actress, who will also be playing in the upcoming Avengers movie (due in 2015).
  • Tom Wu – Hundred Eyes – The fighting skills shown by him makes you watch closely every time he is on the screen.


For me it ranks third on “Netflix Shows” behind House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, however both of those shows solidified themselves as dominant with strong second seasons, and with how season 1 ends (you won’t be disappointed) maybe Marco Polo will be the same?
7.5 out of 10


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