Because, aviously…

One of my neighbors has a dog.

Thankfully, it is a quiet dog, but his adult son takes him for morning walks to do his daily constitutional, and doesn’t clean up after him.

I know it is him, because I have seen it (as well as have it on video) multiple times.

We have even approached him and asked him to “clean up after your dog”, which shouldn’t need to be asked, as it’s the law, and comes with a $250 fine.

After he’s been asked, he’ll do it in front of other houses for a few days, before coming back to mine.

One day, his dog passed a royal decree in front of my house, as another neighbor walked by. So, like the good dog owner that he is, he bent down, as if to “pick up after his dog”. As soon as the person passed though, he picked up a rock, put it down next to the pile (as if to hide it?) and walked away.

So let me ask my loyal readers: What should one do in this situation?
Besides you know…this:

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