Because, aviously…

With the snowstorm that was supposed to hit NYC last night, I was put up at Paramount NYC for the night, and spent the evening trying to find things to do in the city.

Paramount Front

I started off exploring the club-like lobby of the hotel, which was entirely too dark for anyones tastes…let’s just say I couldn’t even see the buttons in the elevators.Paramount Lobby

I had wanted to go see a movie at AMC Theaters, but unfortunately they were already closed for the storm when I got there at 4:15PM, so instead I ventured over to Dave & Busters and their newer entryway layout…which does nothing for the gaming area, which feels like the same old self.

After that I headed over to Le Marais for supper, and was one of maybe 15 people there at the time, and enjoyed a nice steak and fries for dinner.

Steak and Fries

From there I headed back to the hotel for a bit to discover more of the Paramount.

They had a nice 2nd floor sitting area overlooking the lobby, as well as a 24-hour gym.

Among the cool things was that each floor had built into the mirror across from the elevators, the weather for the day, as seen here:

Paramount Weather

The other mystery that the hotel gave was…Normal bottles and really large glasses? Or normal glass and really tiny bottles?

Hotel Amenitiies

Lastly I went out with some coworkers to see what was still opened in the storm, and stumbled into Bourbon Street NYC.

Bourbon Street

All in all it wasn’t a bad night in New York City, and we shall see if tonight is a repeat, or if I can make it back to Brooklyn to dig out the driveway at home.

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