Because, aviously…

Yes, I know, I’m weird like this, but I still get (and read) actual paperback magazines.

In the last week though, combined with really poor US Postal Service (or as they call it: Another day at work), I have had to make two calls to Customer Service for my magazines, and was very pleased with the outcomes.

The first call was to Sports Illustrated, after never receiving last weeks issue, and from when I dialed the number, until after I was done with the machine and the agent, was 2:46 (2 minutes, 46 seconds), and they had taken care of it as I requested.

The second call was to Wired magazine, after getting two issues this month, to resolve that issue. I had renewed at a great rate, but instead of it renewing, it started a new subscription…a simple call to them and they combined the two accounts. Total time of call: 3:01 (3 minutes and 1 second).

I wish all customer services were this easy to deal with.

Amazon comes close in helpfulness, but it takes longer than these calls times’ to get through to an agent with them…

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