Because, aviously…

The much hyped $20 playbook from the NY Lottery has finally arrived.

NY Lottery Playbook

Advertised as “Like 6 $5 games for $20” and “122 chances to win” it features six pages of games, that can’t be detached and used separately.

The theme for it is “Gems” with the games being named:

  • Ruby Red 7s (20X Get a “7” or “Symbol” + 2 Instant Wins)
  • Diamond 7s (20X Get a “7” or “Symbol” + 2 Instant Wins)
  • Sapphire Blue 7s (Fast $20 + 18X Get a “7” or “5X” + 2 Instant Wins)
  • Emerald 7s (1 Tic-Tac-Toe 7s + 1 “Get 2 Like Amounts” + 20X Match a number)
  • Amethyst 7s (1 Instant Win + 20X Match a number)
  • Topaz 7s (14X “Get a 7” or “Get 2 7s”)

NY Lottery Playbook Page 1NY Lottery Playbook Page 2NY Lottery Playbook Page 3

Good luck players, and may the odds be never in your favor…and all in mine 🙂 Sorry, gotta look out for myself first.

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