Because, aviously…

The Last Five Years is a musical based on the play by Jason Robert Brown.
I would say less than 5% of the dialogue is spoken, making this a true, full-out, musical.

The movie stars Anna Kendrick (Cathy) and Jeremy Jordan (Jamie), from Smash, and goes through their relationship, from the present breakup to the wishful beginnings.

Jamie has a solid job as a writer, attending parties thrown by his publishers, while Cathy is a struggling artist, trying out time after time to land roles in plays (and ending up in a summer camp year after year, doing minor plays).

While Anna Kendrick is literally pitch perfect throughout this movie (see what I did there), Jordan’s performance is sub-par at best. Where she hits her notes, he just sounds flat…and when she takes the singing to the next level, he just sounds like a regular on karaoke night.

While the story itself is a solid case of why most young relationships fall apart, Kendricks’ performance is the only light in here, which brings this up to a measly 5.5 out of 10.

The Last Five Years

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