Because, aviously…

My Twitter is open to the public, meaning anyone can go to my Twitter page and read what I’ve written, and respond to it if they feel like it.

On the flip side, my Facebook isn’t.
Without an account you can’t see my page. With an account, you can see what I let you. And if I accept a friend request from you (and I do from most, except scammers and spammers) you are able to read, and respond to, all my posts.

Because of this I am entitled to a sense of “self-security” and “censorship” on my Facebook page, since I let you in the front door, I have the right to boot you from the room as well.

Recently some people have started to use their free time to annoy me. I’m assuming they get bored between work or tests and decide to go troll Facebook.
I never put up with it, either responding straight out, or just deleting their comments right off the bat.
And not surprisingly, they’ve never messaged me about deleting their comments, since I’m assuming they know they’re wrong.

But enough is enough, if you aren’t helping move my Facebook page in a positive direction, and if I get absolutely nothing out of your posts, I will start thinning the herd…and hope others do the same as well.

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