Because, aviously…

Kelly Clarkson seems to have taken a few years hiatus from standard music, taking the last few years to put out a Greatest Hits and a Christmas album.

But piece by piece, this new album by Kelly makes us remember why she was the 1st American Idol winner 13 years ago.

Starting off the album reminds us something that Kelly seems to have forgotten as well: How to enjoy her music: “Been so long I forgot how to turn it up” rings the opening lyrics to Heartbeat Song.

So this is my apology
For saying all those shitty things
I wish I didn’t really mean
I’m sorry I’m not sorry

-lyrices from Someone

Kelly works with numerous artists on this album, including Sia and John Legend, regardless what Twitter may have said…

This album helps “Reveal the things that we’re tryna hide” (War Paint) and “Don’t be sad that it’s over” (Nostalgic), just hit repeat!

Overall I am thrilled with Kelly’s return, adding her album to my collection, and giving it a solid 9 out of 10.


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